Our mission

With expertise and passion, we develop premium consumer goods to achieve market leadership.
As certified Food Broker perfect service is our Must Have, sustainable investment in our employees and infrastructure a logical consequence.

We focus on 55 mio. consumers in Austria and CEE, which we supply with own subsidiaries. Furthermore our exports go to Europe and Near Middle East.

The Core of our work

Consumer satisfaction is the benchmark for our efforts. We strive to understand and satisfy their needs by providing innovative product concepts in top quality. We communicate with our shoppers and consumers in an honest, appreciative, and interactive way.


We live a cooperative relationship with our employees and all external partners. With team spirit and a pragmatic, solution-oriented way of working we succeed to gain growth and well-being.


We are proud of our employees, who enjoy our full trust. So they can act with responsibility and motivation. Confidence and trust in our partners is the base for mutual consent. And we firmly do believe that teamwork is the key for success.


We do live a high-quality standard in every aspect, i.e. products, services and our way of working. Quality is a connective element in our team as well as for all our stakeholders and partners.


We combine long-term expertise with a clear strategy. We understand innovation is a requirenment for future success. We hold a sustainable innovation pipeline by continuously developing new products. We invest in our processes and structures with a clear focus on digitalization.

Maresi International

Based in Austria - at home in CEE. With our locations in Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia, we reach over 50 million consumers. Through our international distribution partners, we supply Europe and the world.